The VisionGiving breast cancer survivors access to the latest trained Areola Artists.

The Areola Artists are a group of Permanent Makeup Artists that have been trained in the very latest 3D Areola reconstruction techniques. The technique designed by NU creates a realistic 3D shaped nipple and the recreation of the Areola through the careful selection of Pigments.

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Areola reconstruction gives woman back their femininity after an often traumatic period in their lives, it’s a great feeling to see the woman we treat smile again.Claire Louise

The Training2 Day Course.

Our Technicians are already qualified Permanent Makeup Artists in their own right. To get qualified in Areola Reconstruction they go through a 2 day training course learning firstly techniques and then colour matching. They will then work with a volunteer creating a 3D areola before becoming qualified.



The DetailsHow to get in touch with one of our artists.

  • Step 1: Choose an Artist in your area

    We are building our group of Artists all the time, if you haven’t one near you, choose the closest.

  • Step 2: Contact them directly

    As you will see there are no general contact details for this page, you need to contact the artist directly

GiftingAll of our amazing artists Gift some Areola Work



We are supporting Kat Roberts a cancer survivor who wants to train in Areola Reconstruction


We offer 1 and 2 day training courses for qualified Permanent Makeup Artists


Being an Areola Artist means you have reached the highest standard when it comes to Areola Reconstruction

The GoalTo spread the word  

Every woman should know that this treatment is available to them.


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